CDN Reinvented

Flexibility and Performance in a Content Delivery and Acceleration Delivery that Delights! 


Test drive your site and see the nuu:bit difference:

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“We found ImageEngine on the nuu:bit edge platform to be the best choice. It has already improved customer browsing experience, reduced our image payload by more than 60%, and has created other efficiencies.”  – Navaneetha Krishnan, CTO and Co-founder of Voonik

The Reinvented CDN – Like No Others

We’ve reinvented CDN from the inside out, and the result is an advanced delivery and compute service that will deliver a responsive and personalized experience – delighting your users. Unlike established CDNs, we’ve designed our service to optimize performance for your specific needs by exposing an extensive set of API’s that put the power of our CDN edge-compute platform in your hands.  

Our Story

At nuu:bit, we know every second counts when it comes to delivering the most engaging end user experience.  That’s why we assembled our team of industry experts to build a global content delivery and compute service for today’s mobile first, technology driven businesses. Our service is designed to make it easy to set up, highly configurable, and easy to optimize for your unique business needs.