Nov 28 10:14 PM

Part 2: The Role of Distributed Systems in Effectively Utilizing Time Series Data

Nov 28, 10:14 PM
By Jon Bosanac (LinkedIn) For centuries we’ve been collecting data over time such as; weather temperature
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Oct 23 11:16 PM

Part 1: An Introduction to Distributed Systems

Oct 23, 11:16 PM
By Jon Bosanac (LinkedIn) Introduction We are living in a period of human history characterized by
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Oct 18 6:57 PM

API-first development approach and DevOps-friendly platform

Oct 18, 6:57 PM
By Victor Gartvich (LinkedIn) This has been an awesome 3rd quarter and we are really excited about
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Sep 23 11:18 PM

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Image Optimization

Sep 23, 11:18 PM
By Victor Gartvich (LinkedIn) Need a quick and easy way to improve website performance? Consider optimizing your
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Apr 10 7:33 AM

Phone Frustration and Performance

Apr 10, 7:33 AM
by Jon Bosanac (LinkedIn) The graphic above was from a New York Times piece about how our phone
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Jan 02 11:38 AM

Re-thinking Web Performance

Jan 02, 11:38 AM
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Nov 23 4:21 AM

The future of Content Delivery

Nov 23, 4:21 AM
By Victor Gartvich (LinkedIn) TD;DR – in 5-10 years the content delivery will be polarized into two
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Oct 30 7:14 PM

The Challenge of Mobile Content Delivery – Part 2

Oct 30, 7:14 PM
by Jon Bosanac (LinkedIn) Even with 4G LTE networks, web content transport speeds can be painfully
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Sep 21 10:01 AM

The Challenge of Mobile Web Content Delivery – Part 1

Sep 21, 10:01 AM
by Jon Bosanac (LinkedIn) Even across 4G networks, mobile App delivery speeds can be painfully slow
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