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Our Story

At nuu:bit, we understand every bit of every second counts when delivering the fastest, most engaging end user experience, on any device, on any network, anywhere, so you can focus on running your business. That’s why we have assembled our team of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs, all focused on our groundbreaking approach to providing the best CDN and edge platform available anywhere, designed to make it easy to setup and easy to operate.

Sam Farraj


Jon Bosanac

Founder & CTO

Victor Gartvich

VP of Engineering

Mike Beard

VP, Business Development

Tae Crotty

VP, Communications

Our Technology

We’ve reinvented CDN from the inside out and the result is a service that provides unparalleled delivery performance for your web content and applications.  Unlike established CDNs, we’ve designed our service to optimize performance for your specific needs by exposing an extensive set of API’s that put the power of our CDN edge-compute platform in your hands.  nuu:bit  offers a wide range of services that have been created to help your business innovate and execute faster than ever before, with optimized performance, end-to-end network control and security, real-time visibility, and traffic diagnostics for cloud-based applications. Our platform delivers industry-leading performance that helps your business deliver results.

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