CDN Edge Computing

Serverless Edge Compute CDN at Your Disposal

Intelligent Content Delivery at our CDN Edge

The nuu:bit Distributed Compute Environment (DCE) offers an easy, flexible solution for executing code at the network edge nearest to the end user.  Our DCE allows you to develop and deploy your applications faster and cost less.  Our platform provides the following unique key features:

  • The ‘serverless’ nuu:bit DCE offers the advantages of a FaaS (Function as a Service), including fast prototyping at a low price point
  • Hosted Modules Saas, for enabling Software as a Service for technology companies, offer advantages in operation, speed to market, and costs for both developers and business owners
  • In addition, we support ESI (Edge Side Includes)

FaaS – The serverless Distributed Computing Environment

Our FaaS offering provides several key advantages for developing and prototyping, including:

  • Faster app development: Save time and reduce the size of your custom code base, reducing the risks of bugs often found in monolithic applications
  • Quick, incremental code changes: provides for a loose coupling of smaller software components, improving the likelihood that developers will be able to change one service without breaking other services that depend on it
  • Cost: a FaaS service offers clear cost advantages over a full cloud server instance
  • Scaling: as app logic is distributed, the system can scale because there is no monolithic point that prevents the system from expanding

Currently, we support Varnish VCL and Lua.

Compute meets Big Data

The nuu:bit CDN Edge Compute platform is integrated with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB.  Now site and app publishers who truly wish to delight their users with fast, responsive, and highly personalized experiences, will have access to a service that marries

  • a flexible, multi-model big data store
  • a content delivery and acceleration service, and
  • CDN Edge Compute

In effect, this will allow publishers to not only take advantage of the enhanced delivery a content delivery and acceleration service can provide, but also to push personalization logic to the edge and have the data, that the logic depends on, close at hand which will result in experiences that delight users.

The traditional approach is to use dynamic site acceleration or DSA technology to improve the responsiveness of an application.

With Symmetric Dynamic Site Acceleration means a minimum of two nuu:bit locations are involved in handling a request for PoP to PoP communication. The first location is closest to the end user (last-mile location) and the other closest to the customer origin (first-mile location). Provides the best performance for origin requests due to middle mile optimizations.   This approach does provide performance improvement for applications.

With using distributed computing, the dynamic content is delivered from the CDN edge to the end user.   This provides the best possible performance for a dynamic application as the processing and distribution of the application is performed near the end user.

The marriage of CDN and BigData

The nuu:bit CDN Edge Compute platform is integrated with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB.   Distributed compute becomes a much more powerful tool as now there is data for the system to process.

Typically, database backends are located in a large cloud center which are remote from the end user. Services such as site acceleration can mitigate this delay to some extent by proxying the connection back to the origin, through the use of middle mile acceleration, but the result is less than optimal. The nuu:bit service incorporates site acceleration but also decentralizes the backend, utilizing the distributed Azure Cosmos DB, and also enabling computations to be made near the edge device. Typical web application API commands such as POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE are supported using both VCL and Lua.