CDN Edge Computing

Serverless Edge Compute CDN at Your Disposal

Intelligent Content Delivery at our CDN Edge

The nuu:bit Distributed Compute Environment (DCE) offers an easy, flexible solution for executing code at the network edge nearest to the end user.  Our DCE allows you to develop and deploy your applications faster and cost less.  Our platform provides the following unique key features:

  • The ‘serverless’ nuu:bit DCE offers the advantages of a FaaS (Function as a Service), including fast prototyping at a low price point
  • Hosted Modules Saas, for enabling Software as a Service for technology companies, offer advantages in operation, speed to market, and costs for both developers and business owners
  • In addition, we support ESI (Edge Side Includes)

Problem Set

Older site acceleration methods, such as Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA), are able to improve some aspects of website performance, such as Connect and SSL times. However, if performance is degraded by the application itself, then DSA can do very little to improve the end user experience as measured by stats like Time to First Byte (TTFB), etc. Application performance may sometimes be improved by adding capacity, but this can be an expensive, time-consuming, proposition for an application owner.

Got Control?

Does your CDN give you direct access to control how the service responds to local users? nnu:bit does and allows you to distribute your application close to end users. Take a look at our environment and trial our performance – First 30 Days Free!

nuu:bit offering in the Cloud Compute Continuum

At nuu:bit we make extending applications easier by providing a global, serverless computing platform that pushes application logic closer to end users. For legacy applications, our DCE improves performance for the end user and helps control backend costs by distributing the processing globally.

FaaS – The serverless Distributed Computing Environment

Our FaaS offering provides several key advantages for developing and prototyping, including:

  • Faster app development: Save time and reduce the size of your custom code base, reducing the risks of bugs often found in monolithic applications
  • Quick, incremental code changes: provides for a loose coupling of smaller software components, improving the likelihood that developers will be able to change one service without breaking other services that depend on it
  • Cost: a FaaS service offers clear cost advantages over a full cloud server instance
  • Scaling: as app logic is distributed, the system can scale because there is no monolithic point that prevents the system from expanding

Currently, we support Varnish VCL and Lua

Software to Service

With our Hosted Modules offering, we make it easier for you to deploy a SaaS offering with a NGINX or Varnish module, including hosted custom modules.

Developer benefits:

  • User Management framework available – less code to write to develop a SaaS offering
  • Superior to competing competing “container as a service” solutions
  • Our solution becomes a turnkey offering from which a service offering is made easy
  • Analytics framework – instant visibility
  • Delivers visibility without additional development
  • Not available with current “container as a service” offerings today
  • DNS Configuration – a holistic view, with end-to-end provisioning for your application requirements
  • Automatic distribution – less code to develop and manage
  • Managed platform – lower operational costs

Business owner benefits:

  • Faster time to market
  • Lower development costs
  • Lower operational costs


Powerful feature which allows functions to be created out of HTTP calls. Build something great!

Software to Service

Learn about the nuu:bit solution today!

Features Supported

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

Create custom dashboards to view the items that are important to you. This includes the ability to import 3rd party or legacy systems using an iframe.

  • Maximize Your time
  • Monitor 3rd party or legacy systems via an IFrame
  • Aggregate data views for traffic, mobile App, image optimization, DNS and security




The nuu:bit Cyber Security solution is the nuu:bit Cybersecurity suite. The Web Application Firewall or WAF is a customer managed WAF which protects a site from attacks. The WAF is an easy to deploy and easy to manage solution.


The nuu:bit’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) contains three key differentiators:

  • Customer managed – which provides higher security
  • Filters Get & Posts requests
  • Self-learning feature to enable an easy way for a customer to generate custom WAF rules

The nuu:bit Cyber Security solution is robust solution because it does not rely on a signature base like an antivirus and most WAFs, thus cannot be circumvented by an “unknown” attack pattern. The nuu:bit Cyber Security solution has a user-defined rulesets built into the platform in addition to the core ruleset which is extensible. The The nuu:bit Cyber Security solution solution can check different values, such as URLs, request parameters, cookies, headers, or the POST body. Automatic whitelist creation makes it easy deploy the firewall upstream and rule out 100 percent of false positives.

The nuu:bit Cyber Security solution has analytics to quickly view WAF events, event heat map to identify the attacker’s location as well as detailed event logs.

Static Caching

Static Caching

At nuu:bit, we offer a global CDN caching platform which allows our customers to define the following:

  • Which content should be cached on the CDN cache, and for how long
  • What browser caching setting should apply
  • How to handle URL query string parameters and HTTP cookies

Caching static content (like images, CSS, JS and video files) on what was known as the edge caching has been around for a while and remains to be a stable and a very efficient technique to improve the performance of a website or mobile application.

Our CDN global caching system supports highly custom caching rules. These rules are a set of parameters that change the caching behavior of one or more URLs that match a pattern, specified as either a wildcard expression or a Perl-compatible regular expression.

One of the technologies nuu:bit uses is Varnish, which allows our customers to directly use domain-specific language called Varnish Configuration Language, or VCL for short. This will allow for complete and total custom caching.

Portal White Labeling

Portal White Labeling

The white labeling solution allows for you to create a branded CDN/content acceleration service to your customer.

  • “From Software to Service” use case
  • Service offering using your brand
  • Save development costs
  • Time to market!

Hosting Providers

  • Increase top line sales revenue by offering a next-gen delivery solution (IoT and CDN), in addition to your core business
  • Keep customers from using the competition’s CDN solution
  • Add incremental recurring margin


At nuu:bit, we understand the importance of cybersecurity, and we have provided an easy way to manage SSL security. The nuu:bit portal supports full self-servicing for SSL certificates. This saves our customers valuable time. Moreover, nuu:bit doesn’t charge our customers for custom SSL certificates whether they are a wildcard or not.

Securely upload and manage your own SSL certificates to be associated with your domains using SNI feature.

We also offer a tightly integrated SSL solution from GlobalSign, a Certificate Authority provider, to protect your web resources within minutes (we call the feature “SSL Names”). We support a domain control verification using email, HTML Meta-tag or Email.


Instant Purge

Instant Purge

The nuu:bit platform supports instant purge of cached object via customer portal or API. This allows for support for the caching of your transient data allowing for a more dynamic and rich end user experience. Using our fast purge solution, >95% of object purge commands are completed within 2 seconds globally. The instant purge functionality and API access allow you to cache even short-lived content, such as forum/comment pages, news, frequently updated product pages, and etc.

Best Practices

Best Practices

At nuu:bit, we are on the same team with our customers! We pick up our part of the responsibility by providing our customers an easy and predictable way to update the configurations with a built-in security.

Following best practices for enterprise-grade systems that are designed to serve critical web and mobile resources, we have implemented the following features:

  • Sandbox (we call it “staging”) environment to test your CDN configuration changes before deploying them in our global network and making them available for our customers’ end users
  • Detailed audit log for all changes performed on your CDN and mobile app resources
  • Visualization of CDN configuration changes and cache purges on traffic graphs
  • Configuration versioning
  • Optional two-factor authentication for customer portal users
DNS Service

DNS Service

At nuu:bit, we work with the best of breed DNS provider NS1. NS1 provides the world’s most intelligent DNS and traffic management solution, enabling content owners and developers to take unparalleled control over their traffic and infrastructure. The nuu:bit portal has integrated NS1 into the portal to simplify management by creating a single pane of glass. Additionally, we have incorporated NS1 DNS analytics into our portal.

Powered by: NS1



The nuu:bit platform provides one of the richest API libraries in the CDN industry to ensure efficient integration to adapt your existing code base and workflow. Our API options provide the developers with the ability and flexibility to control the configuration, automate the workflow, manage users, customizing data pulling and reporting for the dashboard, and improved security.

In development cycle of the nuu:bit platform, we took an API-first approach; therefore, everything in our portal is available via an API. Our APIs can be found at This includes the ability to update configurations, manage users, or pull data using our APIs.


Log Delivery

Log Delivery

The nuu:bit platform supports the ability for the raw log delivery in real time. Our log format is JSON based and provides a rich set of details for empowering deep offline analytics to meet any business objective.

The platform supports FTP, SFTP, S3 containers or ElasticSearch targets for remote log storage.



The nuu:bit Dynamic Site and Content Acceleration feature increase performance for a web property that generates content at origin or application APIs for mobile App.

  • Up to 200% improvement for HTTP traffic and 600% for HTTPS requests
  • Higher level of origin availability comparing to direct origin access or asymmetric DSA solutions

We use Symmetric Dynamic Site Acceleration by default, which means minimum of two nuu:bit locations are involved in handling a request for PoP to PoP communication. The first location is closest to the end user (last-mile location) and the other closest to the customer origin (first-mile location). Additional intermedia nuu:bit locations can be involved if the network routing process detects a more optimal way between first- and last-mile locations.

TCP Acceleraiton

TCP Acceleraiton

DOTS (Dynamically Optimized Transport System) is the nuu:bit platform’s advanced and intelligent TCP congestion control algorithm designed specifically to improve last-mile Internet delivery. Our patent pending invention, outperforms existing CDN solutions by up to 3X.

DOTS does not require a software agent on the receiving end, as it is built with the focus to accelerate HTTP content delivery asymmetrically; this elegant yet powerful feature contrasts SDK’s requirement for special software to be compiled in the App that runs on the edge device. Leveraging DOTS, nuu:bit’s leading core technology with three key pending patents, we are sending data even faster and cheaper with ever increased efficiency. We gain 20% to 300% on web performance depending on the network conditions over the normal TCP protocol.

DOTS does not modify the payload (that is, it doesn’t perform any content optimization on transmitted data), and is very safe for complex web applications that might be sensitive to content alterations.



nuu:bit is always incorporating the best-in-class technologies. Eliminating latency at every step provides the nuu:bit the ability to consistently outperform other CDN providers. This is why we were an early adopter of Google’s new network transport protocol called QUIC.

Less is more with QUIC. The zero RTT QUIC combines the best features of UDP and TCP with modern security tools. The key difference between the typical secure TCP connection vs. QUIC is that a browser can immediately communicate to the CDN edge using zero RTT TLS. It is also more reliable than a pure UDP as QUIC also introduces features such as congestion control and automatic re-transmission.

End-users benefit from the following:

  • 30% of overall page load time improvement
  • 30% faster due to less rebuffering for video streaming than over the standard TCP
  • Zero RTT SSL handshake allows for faster connection times

QUIC protocol is supported by Chrome, Chromium and Opera browsers. For more information about QUIC please find the following pages at the IETF.

Device Detection

Device Detection

nuu:bit Image Optimization solution, the nuu:bit image optimization product.

Use Cases:

  • Redirecting Android and iOS users to use the native App to increase user engagement
  • Sending old browsers to simple content
  • Delivering the correct content to the right device (e.g. media)
Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

The nuu:bit Device Edge SDK solution is edgy! The nuu:bit Device Edge SDK solution solution, as the nuu:bit edge device SDK (Software Development Kit), provides a set of libraries that enables the developers to speed up content delivery for applications running on the mobile devices. Increasing your App’s MAU and DAU by using the The nuu:bit Device Edge SDK solution, which accelerates the applications’ speed, security, and end-to-end control from the ingress point of the nuu:bit platform all the way to the true edge, the end-user device.

We send the network traffic through the nuu:bit SDK utilizing a specially designed networking protocol to provide acceleration to a given mobile application. We support:

  • iOS and Xamarin binding for iOS
  • Android and Xamarin binding for Android