Dynamically Optimized Transport System

Accelerate your application

Deliver your data faster

DOTS (Dynamically Optimized Transport System) is the nuu:bit service’s advanced TCP congestion control algorithm designed specifically to improve last-mile Internet delivery. With the assistance of our patent pending DOTS technology, our service often outperforms existing CDN solutions by a significant margin.
DOTS does not require a software agent on the receiving end, as it is built to accelerate HTTP content delivery asymmetrically; this elegant yet powerful feature contrasts an SDK’s requirement for special software to be compiled in the App that runs on the edge device. DOTS accelerates the delivery of data by increasing delivery efficiency. We are generally able to gain 20% to 300% web delivery performance, depending on network conditions, over standard TCP protocol performance.

DOTS does not modify the payload (that is, it doesn’t perform any content optimization on transmitted data), and is very safe for complex web applications that might be sensitive to content alterations.


The nuu:bit service, leveraging DOTS, is an ideal choice for content publishers and developers of both websites and mobile Apps because it’s content-agnostic. More importantly, DOTS learns, adapts, and modifies its configuration and operation on the fly to accurately and securely maximize throughput to the mobile and wired edge device.

How it works

DOTS is designed to be adaptable for the changing conditions presented in many networks while accelerating transport of web content over the wired networks, which typically have lower rates of change than cellular networks. DOTS will overcome problems created by the small receiving buffer size and the asymmetric link pathways of cellular networks, along with several other unique characteristics of the cellular network.

DOTS’s transport protocol utilizes the latest innovation in modern network queuing theory and communications protocol design and is designed to be compatible with the operation of conventional TCP implementations. Because of this, DOTS resides on the nuu:bit CDN edge for last mile delivery.

By applying any previous experience with the particular end user IP address, prior network traffic conditions, and network type, DOTS will configure itself appropriately for each transmission on a session-by-session basis. So, if network conditions have changed, DOTS will respond and act accordingly. DOTS will accelerate web content to the maximum rate consistent with present network conditions and end user device capabilities. With the next access by the end user, DOTS will apply the configuration it has learned is best for that end user device and network as a starting point so that the transport acceleration DOTS provides has already benefitted from any prior experience. While transporting content, DOTS continually adjusts itself to changing conditions on the fly, maximizing its performance while sensing any limiting conditions that require real time modification of DOTS behavior. 

Why nuu:bit?

The nuu:bit content delivery and compute service is designed for today’s mobile and demanding users. We provide a high performing, configurable service that will delight your users.