Mobile SDK

Accelerate to the true edge!

Accelerate Your Mobile App

The nuu:bit Mobile SDK solution is edgy!  The nuu:bit Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) provides a set of libraries to enable developers to accelerate content delivery for applications running on the mobile devices.  Our Mobile SDK solution helps increase your App’s MAU and DAU, accelerating your app’s speed, security, and end-to-end control from the ingress point of the nuu:bit platform all the way to the true edge — the end-user device.  

We send the network traffic through the nuu:bit SDK utilizing a specially designed networking protocol to provide acceleration to a given mobile application.  

We currently support:

  • iOS and Xamarin binding for iOS
  • Android and Xamarin binding for Android
  • iOS and Android native


The nuu:bit Mobile SDK solution can intelligently select one of two supported protocols (UDP-based protocol: QUIC, or TCP-based protocol DOTS: our patent-pending Dynamically Optimized Transport System) to optimize performance. The SDK can then identify your App on the specific device that links to a given network in real time, in order to transfer content over the network to the device edge.  At that point, the selected protocol will sense the network, device and App conditions, and adapt its own behavior in real time to provide the fastest possible transfer of data overall, mitigating the impacts of network congestion and latency affecting other content delivery solutions.

The nuu:bit Mobile SDK communicates with the nearest nuu:bit CDN edge server, maintaining a fast, robust connection while sending data and analytics reflecting data transfer rates, bandwidth, latencies, etc.  This raw data is forwarded to nuu:bit log servers where it is processed for reporting purposes. Processed data is forwarded to the nuu:bit analytics backend service, where performance information is made available to nuu:bit customers via the API or portal.  

Why nuu:bit?

The nuu:bit Mobile SDK accelerates your mobile application.  Networking speed improves MAU and DAU, increasing conversions and revenue!