Announcing the Marriage of CDN and Big Data 
Announcing the Marriage of CDN and Big Data 

nuu:bit integrates with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Enabling CDN Edge Compute for Large Data Sets

San Francisco, Ca. – Nov. 15, 2017 – nuu:bit, Inc. today announces that we have successfully integrated the nuu:bit CDN Edge Compute platform with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB.  Now site and app publishers who truly wish to delight their users with fast, responsive, and highly personalized experiences, will have access to a service that marries:

  • a flexible, multi-model big data store
  • a content delivery and acceleration service, and
  • CDN Edge Compute

In effect, this will allow publishers to not only take advantage of the enhanced delivery a content delivery and acceleration service can provide, but also to push personalization logic to the edge and have the data, that the logic depends on, close at hand which will result in experiences that delight users.

Typically, database backends are located in a large cloud center which are remote from the end user. Services such as site acceleration can mitigate this delay to some extent by proxying the connection back to the origin, through the use of middle mile acceleration, but the result is less than optimal. The nuu:bit service incorporates site acceleration but also decentralizes the backend, utilizing the distributed Azure Cosmos DB, and also enabling computations to be made near the edge device. Typical web application API commands such as POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE are supported using both VCL and Lua.

“Choosing to integrate with Azure Cosmos DB was an easy choice, we already extensively utilize Azure to host the nuu:bit platform, but what made Azure Cosmos DB so appealing was the range of use cases it can accommodate and guaranteed low latency”, said Sam Farraj, nuu:bit CEO. “This new nuu:bit service will not only enhance online experiences, it will make it easier for publishers to manage the experience their users have online.”

Shawn Nandi, Senior Director, Cloud App Development and Data and AI Product Marketing for Microsoft Corp. added, “Enabling publishers and developers to deliver engaging online experiences to their global customers is a priority for us. nuu:bit has developed an innovative service that leverages Microsoft Azure services like Azure Cosmos DB to make it easier to deliver these enhanced experiences.”

Integrating the nu:bit platform with Azure Cosmos DB marries site performance with Big Data.  Publishers can accelerate their time to market by having the necessary tools in one place to manage users, provision sub-accounts, provision infrastructure and push code. To learn more, please join us on Dec. 4th webinar: , or contact us at

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