API-first development approach and DevOps-friendly platform
API-first development approach and DevOps-friendly platform

By Victor Gartvich (LinkedIn)

This has been an awesome 3rd quarter and we are really excited about the progress of the nuu:bit service. Our customers and our talented team are collaborating to support and develop a service that we truly believe is reinventing content delivery and acceleration. Apologies, that I have not had time to write to my blog for quite some time, but now as we are heading towards the 4th quarter, I finally found some quiet time. Now, I want to share some experiences from this year, and  I hope you find it informative and will share your feedback.

The nuu:bit portal

First I want to share with your something what one of our customers told me. We had a casual lunch, discussing our most recent project and upcoming initiatives. He had just returned from Singapore, where he participated a conference and met many interesting people. We have undertaken many projects for this customer and he said to me, about our nuu:bit, “… because you are such a great developer-oriented company!” I was somewhat surprised by this statement, but on reflection, in comparison to the established competition, I see why this is true. Let me explain…

Screen Shot of https://api.nuubit.net/

We put API first

During my talk with him, I learned a lot about what our customers think about this company and how differently we see it internally. I guess that is not just my experience. I know our approach to prioritize API development is really important for us. One of our key differentiators is that we have been able to execute. Only a developer oriented company will possess the skills to execute the most challenging task – the deep business logic and core services. I think that is what makes our company and each one of our employees so great!

Frequently I try to find a spare moment to explore the current state of the API and check all of our backlogs and customer orders waiting. I think it is important I don’t just rely on emails, but I want to see the development in my own eyes. There are new methods and functions appearing nearly every week, for custom projects for customers and updates to existing systems. The team has been working very hard every day to achieve this level of stability to the API. I use Swagger UI regularly to explore our core API and all custom interfaces. Frankly, I don’t know if there is any more usable REST explorer available anywhere. It is just awesome how it manages to be easy to use yet still incredibly comprehensive.  We plan to use it more often and we’ll extend its’ use to document changes and to create mockups of improved API surface.

Integration is the key to success

Integration is a very important promise of nuu:bit, and the stable API is a prerequisite for that. We would like to share with you all case studies of successful integrations. Which integrations do you think would be good candidates for that kind of attention? I know we have many live integrations running and the production API is very heavily used (still not showing any signs of overloading, though!). We could just pick up the most used ones – or, if you have any stories from the development lifecycle, message me suggestions!

Next big project will be about deployment integration

Example Jenkins Screen Shot

Finally, the big news! I just got a message from our sales team that they had signed a contract for us to integrate nuu:bit into a worldwide cloud platform. They want to have nuu:bit available for all their customers, and you know what, their continuous deployment (CD) environment is one of the most advanced for cloud businesses.

That upcoming deployment integration is likely to hook into most of the stages of their pipeline. Each of their deployments has relatively short lifecycle so there will be a need to trigger and control the cache management and configuration update mechanisms in nuu:bit in an asynchronous manner. Also, our deployment, update and teardown phases will need to hook-up into their system too, after successful verification of the updates in the new environment.

This will be a challenging project for both companies, but I am sure everything will go well. After all, we have done this many times before — not in this exact way, but similarly. And we know that our internal deployment process works with rock-solid confidence, even in most challenging hot live environments.

Now, I hope you will write your comments, share your thoughts and spread the word across the cyberspace. This company is awesome and I just want to let you all know that our developer-oriented approach is paying off already. This year is going to be exceptional! That’s all, and thanks to you for reading this post!