What is nuu:bit Distributed Compute Environment (DCE) and Why You’ll Love It
What is nuu:bit Distributed Compute Environment (DCE) and Why You’ll Love It

By Victor Gartvich (LinkedIn)

What if you could deploy your applications faster and at a low price? Or, what if you could reduce the size of your custom code base and the chance of bugs being found in your code? We believe we have a solution for you – the nuu:bit Distributed Compute Environment (DCE). Here is what nuu:bit DCE is and why we think you’ll love it.

What is nuu:bit DCE?

nuu:bit DCE it is a global serverless computing platform that pushes application logic closer to end users allowing you to develop and deploy your applications faster. For legacy applications, our serverless DCE platform improves performance for the end user and helps control backend costs by distributing the processing globally.

According to Forbes, “After virtualization and containerization, Serverless is emerging as the next wave of compute services,” and will be a “key technology driver for the next generation of infrastructure.” Here are few reasons why you’ll love our serveless nuu:bit DCE platform.

Watch the nuu:bit DCE launch webinar here featuring our CTO, Jon Bosanac

Experience faster app development

 With the evolution of technology and with so much competition, the need to rapidly deliver great applications has never been greater. Despite this fact though, there are still many development teams that rely on manual, error-prone processes or even a fragmented patchwork of tools to deploy applications. And sadly enough, these deployments can take weeks or sometimes even months to complete.

The good news is that with our nuu:bit DCE platform, deployments don’t have to take several week or months to complete. Prior to DCE, developers would have to define how much storage and database capacity would be needed before deployment, which would slow the whole process down. But with our serverless nuu:bit DCE platform, developers don’t have to worry about managing, provisioning and maintaining servers when deploying code. They can focus all their time and energy on developing and delivering great apps.

The nuu:bit DCE platform includes a Function as a Service (FaaS) feature which allows you to reduce the size of your custom code base and minimize the risks of bugs which are often found in single-tiered software applications. It also allows you to easily orchestrate changes; it provides for a loose coupling of smaller software components, which helps to improve the likelihood that developers will be able to change one service without breaking other services that depend on it. For more details about FaaS and how it works, check out the Learning Tree International article: Functions as a Service (FaaS) – A New Cloud Computing Model.

Enjoy lower development costs

A major goal of many software organizations is to achieve innovation, but still reduce software development costs. The upfront cost of software development is just the beginning; every piece of code you add to your codebase has a continuing cost. With our nuu:bit DCE platform, you can reduce your software development costs without sacrificing the quality of your product. Our platform includes a Hosted Modules feature, which makes it easier for you to deploy a SaaS offering with a NGINX or Varnish module. nuu:bit DCE also includes automatic distribution and a User Management framework which means that your developers will have to write less code to develop a SaaS offering. Employing our nuu:bit DCE, you’ll have:

  • Less code to manage
  • Less complexity of code
  • Less places for bugs to hide
  • Less unexpected outcomes during production
  • Shorter checkout and compile times
  • Shorter time for new employees to make sense of your system

With less code to manage and with less code complexity, you’ll spend more time on innovation rather than maintenance resulting a reduction in development costs.

Experience lower operational costs

In addition to reducing software development costs, our nuu:bit DCE solution will also help you lower operational costs. Since nuu:bit DCE platform is serverless, the infrastructure you need to run and scale your apps is managed for you. This reduces overhead and allows you to spend all of your time building and deploying great apps, and none of your time managing servers. Additionally, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on your business and redirect resources from infrastructure management into innovating and bringing apps to market faster.

The nuu:bit DCE also includes a analytics framework which gives you instant visibility into reusable solutions with analysis patterns, research, useful techniques, and specific examples of successful approaches. An analytical framework is a little like your personal library, tailored specifically to your own experience and background.

Enjoy scalability

When it comes to software systems, scalability is important, and you want a platform in place that can easily handle an increasing amount of work or can accommodate growth. Scalability provides support to address the pay-as-you-grow business model for the FaaS and supports the economics of large-scale deployment and long-term success. We think this is one of the best features of FaaS.

With our nuu:bit DCE platform, application logic is distributed, so the system can scale because there is no monolithic point that prevents the system from expanding. So whether your application has 10,000 or 1 million users, you’ll be able to scale up or down routinely as per the requirements of your applications.

Want to experience faster app development, lower operational cost and enjoy scalability with a serverless solution? The chance for you to test drive our DCE platform is only one click away. We have all different types of plans that you can choose from to best fit your business needs, along with a free 30-day trial. If you’d like more information about our DCE platform, don’t hesitate. Contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.