nuu:bit Xamarin Mobile SDK 3.0.2 Now Available for iOS and Android Platforms
nuu:bit Xamarin Mobile SDK 3.0.2 Now Available for iOS and Android Platforms
The nuu:bit Xamarin Mobile SDK is a simple way to connect a Xamarin mobile application to the nuu:bit’s global content acceleration and analytics platform. Highlights of our Xamarin Mobile SDK include:

  • Two-line SDK integration
  • Full control on the SDK behavior from the nuu:bit customer portal and API
  • Mobile analytics
  • A/B performance testing between nuu:bit and incumbent CDN (or customer origin server)

Get started here:

The nuu:bit Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of libraries that provide the means necessary to report and accelerate the delivery of content to applications running on mobile devices. The nuu:bit SDK utilizes a specially designed set of networking protocols to provide acceleration to a given mobile application. Network traffic that is normally directed to and from the mobile App is sent through the nuu:bit SDK, which utilizes the nuu:bit global network to accelerate the App’s traffic. The SDK can function utilizing either one of two nuu:bit-optimized protocols – an UDP-based protocol NMP (nuu:bit Mobile Protocol) or TCP-based protocol DOTS (Dynamically Optimized Transport System) to transfer the content over the wireless network. The SDK determines, which protocol provides better performance for that particular App, device, and wireless network at that moment in time. Once the appropriate protocol is selected, the protocol then identifies network, device and App conditions, and adapts its own behavior in real time to provide the fastest possible transfer of data overall. The nuu:bit SDK communicates with the nuu:bit server in the nuu:bit network, maintaining the flow of content, and monitoring and reporting on the operation of the SDK while sending performance data reflecting data transfer rates, bandwidth, latencies, etc. The raw data is then forwarded to nuu:bit log servers, and processed for reporting purposes. Processed data is then forwarded to the nuu:bit analytics backend service, where the performance information is made available to nuu:bit customers via the API or portal. Please see the following page for a Quick Start Guide for the SDK (including an example of use):

Release Notes

Added support for Android platform