ScientiaMobile Chooses nuu:bit Distributed Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance Service
ScientiaMobile Chooses nuu:bit Distributed Cloud Infrastructure to Enhance Service

By Sam Farraj (LinkedIn)

ScientiaMobile developed ImageEngine and realized that they needed a platform that would expedite thto get to market fast. The challenge was that they needed a distributed cloud infrastructure to support their expected global customer base, and push their ImageEngine logic to the network’s edge. We are thrilled that ScientiaMobile selected nuu:bit.

Download the ScientiaMobile Case Study
ScientiaMobile decided to evaluate several Cloud service providers to select a go-to-market service that could deliver on: Performance, Global reach, Open architecture, and Ease of deployment.  After an extensive evaluation, ScientiaMobile selected nuu:bit as its partner to launch their service primarily due to:

  1. The ability of our Distributed Compute service which enables them to rapidly deploy service regionally
  2. Our platform’s ability quickly and economically prototype new code.
  3. Our open architecture and support for the deployment of custom Varnish and VCL syntax.
  4. The ability to monitor usage and activity in total but also the usage of sub-accounts – effectively a tiered reporting portal.

To quote Krishna Guda, CEO of ScientiaMobile:

“The traditional content delivery network model couldn’t put our device-aware resizing logic close enough to the network’s edge. By deploying on the nuu:bit platform, we immediately were able to drive fast performance and deliver an improved mobile user experience for our e-commerce customers.”

Thanks for the support and for being a nuu:bit customer Krishna! For further information, please read the case study and if you need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to