Pricing could not be easier

Whether you’re looking to augment existing mobile platforms for increasing current content delivery, or thinking about ways to build out future IoT infastructure – we have the solution for you.

All plans include:

  • Product & System Training
  • 24/7 NOC Support
  • Self Service Provisioning


App Designers & Developers

A Starter Package – Take Your Apps Out for a Test Drive

Access to Global Next-Gen CDN
Mobile SDK for Native App Acceleration
50GB web or mobile App traffic
2 Apps | 2 Web Domains
1M DNS Requests
Log Shipment
Extensive APIs
Dynamic Site & Last Mile Acceleration


Small teams and Start-ups

Growth Package – To accelerate your Start-up or Small Business

All the basic features of our Developer Plan, plus more!
Performance based Edge Caching
Device Detection & Instant Purge
Security Service featuring WAF
Mobile Device Data & Analytics
200GB web or mobile App traffic
5 Apps | 5 Web Domains | 2M DNS Requests


Medium to Large Businesses

Performance Package – When Your Content Drives Your Business

All the features of our Start-up Plan, plus additional included features!
QUIC Protocol Support
3rd Party Link & Ad Acceleration
Security Reporting
Free SSL Certs if provided by customer (SNI only)
4000GB web or mobile App traffic
100 Apps | 100 Web Domains | 4M DNS Requests

Custom Edge Solution

Package Based

White Label and Reseller

Build A Package That Specifically Fits Your Goals and Needs

Not sure you need all the features of an Enterprise Solution?

Our performance optimization building blocks that run on top of our DOTS network are highly flexible and customizable to allow businesses to build out their technology solution on their own terms, at their speed. Contact us to start the conversation.

We will work with you to develop a solution set that meets exactly what your business needs are now, and as you continue to through your digital transformation.

As an additional benefit, Customers can increase or add-on select features as they may need or wish to at any time.

Feature Add-on or Overage Cost Developer Start-up Enterprise
GB Traffic web or mobile app traffic $0.10 $0.09 $0.07
HTTP Requests, for 10k requests $0.006 $0.006 $0.006
SSL Names provided by nuu:bit $20 $20 $20
Web Domains $5 $5 $5
DNS Domains / 100 records $20 $20 $15
DNS Requests / Millions $3 $3 $3
Enhanced Traffic Analytics / 10,000 requests $0.15 $0.12 $0.10
eRevenue Insights RUM eCommerce business analytics (up to 1M) n/a $1300 $1300
UserInsights RUM Page Analytics (up to 1M) n/a $650 $650
ImageEngine Image Optimization / 1000 master impressions n/a $3 $3
Bring Your Own Modules – NGINX (3rd party links) and Varnish (Image Optimization)
Edge Compute with LUA code (CPU time cost/hour) Contact Us
White-labeling & reseller functionality for Partners

Fees will apply based on the level of initial starting package that is being added on to, or as effected by overages. 

Rate Based Features Developers Start-up Enterprise
QTY included in base package solution $5/mo $20/mo $249/mo
Traffic (App or Web), GB 50 200 4,000
HTTP Requests, Millions 2 10 100
SSL Names provided by nuu:bit 1 5 10
SSL Certs provided by customer (SNI only) Free Free Free
Web Domains 2 5 100
Mobile Apps 2 5 100
Log Shipping Jobs 1 2 5
DNS Domains 2 5 10
DNS Requests, Millions 1 2 4

Experience nuu:bit technology to see how we can accelerate your content at the edge.

Interested in scheduling a demo, have questions, or want more information about Custom Edge Solutions?

Contact us today!

App Developers and Mobile First Companies

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No new hardware.
No new software.
No coding changes.
No customer experience disruption.
No technology stack disruption.
Set up takes 5 minutes and 2 lines of code.
Take your content for a test drive on our platform, and let us show you what fast really means.


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