Accelerating Content At The Edge

At nuu:bit we provide product solutions that fit the operational
needs of both small and large enterprise business strategies,
for today’s infrastructure and beyond.

One size does not fit all.

Whether you’re launching a mobile first business from the ground up or transforming an existing to meet the rapidly evolving needs of your digital customer, our flexible set of products, platforms and features can help you build a comprehensive solution – or augment what you already have in your technology stack.

Product Options

Developer Solution

Perfect for the single app developer, or anyone who may want to test drive and explore the platform technology, or build out a working app prototype

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Start-up Solution

Ideal for fast growth small businesses or start ups who want to leverage the benefits of a global smart CDN with optional Mobile SDK for delivering a consistently seamless digital experience

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Enterprise Solution

For content driven businesses who cant afford unreliable or slow user experience, but may not have the capital for a major infrastructure or performance optimization upgrade

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Custom Edge Solution

Prefer to pick and choose select feature benefits that can augment an existing wireless solution, or transform a digitial business infracture at a lower rate of investment?

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Developer Solution

As a software designer or app developer, you understand how critical it is to be able to have the benefit of doing deep hands-on research for new App builds to gain insights into potential network performance issues. With the nuu:bit Developer Solution, you can have direct access to our acceleration platform that allows you to control the desired performance level of your Apps resulting in higher response levels and increased user satisfaction. 

  • 2 Web Domains & Mobile Apps
  • Mobile SDK for Native App Acceleration
  • Up to 50GB (App or web) Traffic
  • Mobile Device Data & Analytics
  • Last Mile Acceleration
  • Network Agnostic

Start-up Solution

Whether you’re a new start-up or a small business whose content delivery is dependent on a consistent and seamless wireless experience for your customers – our base solution gives you direct access to our next generation smart CDN and optional Mobile SDK that outpaces traditional CDNs consistently, every time.

Powered by our proprietary DOTS technology, our smart CDN features machine learning algorithms, sensors and transport protocols to dynamically adapt to real-time conditions for determining the fastest path between the customer and their requested content.  Our SDK collects and sends mobile analytics for optimizing bi-directional acceleration on native apps.

  • 5 Web Domains & Mobile Apps
  • Up to 200GB (App or web) Traffic
  • Added Performance feature – Edge Caching
  • Dynamic Site Acceleration
  • Global Content Caching with Instant Purge
  • Device Detection

Enterprise Solution

In todays hyperactive always on world of technology, a business is only as relevant as its ability to have a seamlessly consistent digital experience with their customers – regardless of device, location, or type of content.  Latency is not an issue that your brand can afford to ignore, or that any bottom line can absorb.

With nuu:bit’s Enterprise Solution, not only do you get all of the features and benefits of our global next-generation CDN and SDK for Native App acceleration, but you also get the additional full suite of value added tools that enable maximum security of your customer’s data, real-time visibility of performance analytics for better business decision making, and customizable OpenEdge features that move your business to the edge where your customers are.

  • 100 Web Domains & Mobile Apps
  • Up to 4000GB (App or web) Traffic
  • Added Performance Feature – QUIC Protocol Support
  • Additional OpenEdge™ Features – 3rd Party Link & Ad Acceleration
  • Additional Security Features – WAF
  • Additional Business Insight Tools – Real Time Traffic Analytics

Custom Edge Solution

Not sure you need a full turn-key solution? Like some of the optimized features of an Enterprise Solution, but want to really focus first on performance delivery and direct impacts to the bottom line. No worries.  At nuu:bit, we have the solution set and product map that can fit and maximize any business need.

Our nuu:bit technology is entirely customizeable to your operating digital ecosystem. Contact us today, and our Technology Advisors will work with you to define a solution that meets your specific needs, scales to compliment existing infrastructure, or augments all or some of your other delivery technology as a white-label or branded solution.


  • Global Next-Gen CDN
  • OpenEdge™ Solutions
  • Security Services
  • White Label and reseller functionality for Partners

Ready to get started?

Check out our pricing, or Contact Us for more information.


No new hardware.
No new software.
No coding changes.
No customer experience disruption.
No technology stack disruption.
Set up takes 5 minutes and 2 lines of code.
Take your content for a test drive on our platform, and let us show you what fast really means.


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