Bot Prevention from ShieldSquare

Fortify your Security for Web and Mobile Apps with ShieldSquare

Protect Your Business 

Automated bots target your online businesses every second with malicious intents. These bots reduce SEO rankings, negatively affect user experience, destroy the brand reputation and reduce revenues.  ShieldSquare provides an enterprise-class, scalable and flexible bot prevention solution protecting your website in real-time from content theft, price scraping, form spam, skewed traffic analytics, and many more.

The ShieldSquare service provides universal protection for a wide range of sectors and applications. This includes enterprises, SMBs, e-Commerce, real estate, classifieds, digital publishing, jobs, travel sectors and more.

    • Customer-managed, for higher, optimized security
    • Get & Post request filters
    • Self-learning tools to make it easier for a customer to generate custom WAF rules

 Bot Prevention Use Cases

Scraping Bots

Site Abuse Bots

Fraudulent Bots

Content Theft

Content Rich Sites/Apps

Form Spam

Real Estate / Social Sites

Ticket Scalping

Event Ticket Sites

Price Scraping


API Misuse

Travel Sites

Bid Shilling and Sniping

Auction Sites

Account Aggregation


Fake Account Creation

Networking Sites

Account Takeover


Fortify your Security for Application

ShieldSquare Bot Prevention solution on the nuu:bit platform differentiates good bots from bad bots with cutting- edge technologies. Combining the power of intelligent algorithms and the expert data analysis, this solution protects your website or mobile application by dynamically building signatures for every unique visitor.

ShieldSquare is integrated on the edge server. Bots protection applies to both cached and dynamic content.

No change to your site’s publishing workflow to implement!