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For a developer or administrator that wants to experience the platform and try the features before buying. This plan is not intended for production traffic.




Ideal for small sites that are just getting started. Get started today with nuu:bit! Sign up for nuubit today.




For companies requiring enterprise-grade security, compute and performance. Get nuu:bit today!

nuu:bit Plans Comparison

Features Try It Business Enterprise
Price Per Month Free $49 Contact Us
Basic Features
  GB Transfered 50GB 750GB
  HTTP Requests (Millions) 2 5
  Domains 2 5
  IOS/Android Apps for use with the nuu:bit SDK 2 5
  Wildcard SSL (bring your own cert) 1 5
  DNS Requests (Millions) 1 2
  nuu:bit’s TCP Acceleration (DOTS)
  HTTP/2 and QUIC
  GZip compression
  Manipulations with HTTP headers
  Custom caching rules
  Instant Purge (via portal or API)
  Use of APIs
Premium Features
  Distributed Compute (VCL and Lua)
  Mobile performance and Analytics SDK
  Raw log forwarding in real time  ✓
  Real-time Analytics  ✓
  Accelerate Third Party Calls  ✓
  WAF  ✓
  Image Optimization  ✓
  Mobile App $5.00 $5.00
  Web Domain $5.00 $5.00
  Traffic $0.10 $0.09
  HTTP Request (per 10K requests) $0.01 $0.01
  SSL Name $20.00 $20.00