Increase ad engagement

Increase ad engagement through performance 

Increase ad engagement through performance and logic powered by nuu:bit

The nuu:bit platform offers a unique solution to increasing ad engagement by improving performance and by simplifying the ad delivery workflow.

Our patent pending TCP acceleration service, DOTS, accelerates and guarantees delivery of your content on any device on any network. With DOTS, nuu:bit will deliver your ad up to 3X faster than traditional TCP delivery.

With our Image Optimization solution, we eliminate the requirement to manage multiple images for different devices, with a simple, easy-to-deploy global service offering. Images are a key element in most digital advertising, and our Image Optimization service helps reduce the management, traffic, and costs associated with other image management solutions.

Leveraging nuu:bit technology with DOTS and our Image Optimization services, we enable our customers to reliably save time and money in an innovative new ad publishing workflow.


Our APIs, Portal and our distributed compute environment provides for operational efficiency which saves you money.

Reduce selling overhead, means fewer technical resources, better resource utilization