Accelerate conversions!

“We found ImageEngine on the nuu:bit edge platform to be the best choice. It has already improved customer browsing experience, reduced our image payload by more than 60%, and has created other efficiencies.”  – Navaneetha Krishnan, CTO and Co-founder of Voonik

Accelerate your conversions with nuu:bit!

At nuu:bit, we dramatically increase the performance of your e-commerce website and mobile Apps to convert pageviews into revenue.

To achieve greater performance and reliability, the nuu:bit platform, using patent pending TCP acceleration, delivers e-commerce site objects from 30% to 3X faster. Our patent pending DOTS technology will improve your site performance, increasing conversions for your business.

Industry-leading nuu:bit Image Optimization is the only solution that intelligently detects end device types and seamlessly resizes product images automatically without changing the current website or mobile App publishing workflow. Additionally, we do not require a bolt-on image manager like other traditional clunky and outdated image management cloud solutions.

We protect your e-commerce site with our advanced WAF or Web Application Firewall. Our WAF solution is a self-learning solution, is easy to setup and secure.

Our orchestrated end-to-end solutions deliver the right image to the right device reliably every time! The optimized image is set using our patent pending TCP optimization DOTS to maximize the delivery of your content. All the while, keeping your site secure.  


Why nuu:bit?

The nuu:bit CDN is the most advanced CDN in the market today.  We provide the most configurable, fastest and feature rich platform to meet all of your business needs. 

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