Amplify your online store’s revenue

Increase conversions with your online store

Magic Beans, a brick and mortar retailer with an online presence, increased its online product sales by 14% with nuu:bit’s CDN solution, improving website performance by 41% to less than 3 seconds per page load, an important benchmark not achieved by incumbent providers.

Faster page load means a better shopping experience, which typically leads to higher revenue conversion rates and lower shopping cart abandonment. The nuu:bit CDN platform provides security, speed, and scalability for your online store. We empower retailers to generate further revenue growth by the best online presence to amplify end-user engagement.

Many factors go into achieving a fast page load time for your online retail store. Two of the most important are TCP acceleration and image optimization. Our single-ended TCP acceleration delivers your product page object up to 3X faster with nothing required on the edge device. In addition, nuu:bit Image Optimization provides exceptional image optimization for thousands of different device types, sizes, and operating systems by using advanced device detection and delivering the optimal size, resolution, and format for each. The entire Image Optimization process is automated, requiring no changes to your existing online retail store publishing process.



The Web Application Firewall or WAF is a customer managed WAF which protects a site from attacks. The WAF is an easy to deploy and easy to manage solution.

Know your site is safe and secure.