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Monetize your software, leverage nuu:bit

The nuu:bit platform enabled ScientiaMobile to quickly stand up a service offering with their innovative software solution and mitigated significant development risks and costs.

ScientiaMobile successfully deployed this custom solution and created a new revenue stream with ease and expediency by leveraging the nuu:bit platform offering.  Deploying a SaaS offering with nuu:bit is effortless using your custom NGINX or Varnish Module. The key benefits for leveraging our hosted module solution are listed below:

For developers:

  • Our solution becomes a turn key offering from which a service offering is made easy
  • This is a clear advantage over competing “container as a service” solutions. Depending on the business model, all of the backend user management would need to be developed for management and for resell.
  • DNS configuration – Holistic view of providing an end-to-end solution
  • Our platform provides end to end provisioning for your application requirements.
  • Frameworks available – Less code to develop and manage
  • User Management framework available
  • Automatic software distribution
  • Analytics

For business owners:

  • Faster time to market / faster time to revenue
  • Lower development costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Higher visibility into results


Our Image Optimization and TCP Acceleration solutions will provide the best end user experience.

More Page loads per unit of time will mean more product views and more conversions.

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