Travel and Hospitality

Help your customer look and book with nuu:bit

Accelerate bookings with nuu:bit

Travel and hospitality brands are always looking for ways to increase booking rates and promote additional services to make any trip more enjoyable and memorable. At nuu:bit, we help these businesses achieve their goals by delivering web content, mobile content, and high-quality images faster and more efficiently so their customers enjoy an outstanding user experience before they even book their journey.

To dramatically improve performance and reliability, nuu:bit uses our patent pending TCP acceleration technology called DOTS, which can deliver website content and objects up to 3X faster than traditional TCP services. Faster page delivery leads to happier customers, and happier customers tend to convert browsing into buying at faster rates, meaning more revenue and bookings for your business.

Another way nuu:bit helps drive engagement and bookings is with our Image Optimization service, which uses intelligence at the edge to determine and deliver the right image to the right device, saving up to 60% on page load times while still ensuring that every user sees the best-optimised images on your website. Users rely on images to make buying online buying decisions, and nuu:bit Image Optimization helps you make a great impression on your customers.  


The nuu:bit platform provides the deep level of analytics which allows for the technical teams to quickly diagnose problems.  Efficient root cause analysis for technical teams.