A Customized WAF

Intelligently Optimized Security Control 

The nuu:bit supports the NAXSI Open Source Web Application Firewall (WAF). This service is designed to provide a layer of security for your web assets, highlighted by three key differentiators:

    • Customer-managed, for higher, optimized security
    • Get & Post request filters
    • Self-learning tools to make it easier for a customer to generate custom WAF rules

The nuu:bit NAXSI WAF is a robust solution that does not rely on a signature base like other WAF tools, and cannot be circumvented by an “unknown” attack pattern. Our WAF includes core rulesets, which are extensible by allowing additional user-defined rules that can be added to the platform. Automatic whitelist creation makes it easier to deploy the firewall upstream and rule out 100% of false positives.

An important part of any security solution is visibility to help inform your security choices, and the nuu:bit NAXSI WAF offers a comprehensive set of analytics to quickly view WAF events, an event heat map to identify attackers’ location and detailed event logs.93d

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Does your WAF self-learn and enable you to customize rules specific to your business? The nuu:bit WAF puts you in control but assists you along the way. Take a look at our environment and trial our performance – First 30 Days Free!

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