Adaptive Real-Time Application Protection

OWASP Top 10 threats, including iSQL, RCE, XSS; XXE, path traversal, brute-force, credential stuffing, SSRF

Wallarm is a Next Gen WAF with hybrid architecture uniquely suited for cloud applications. It applies machine learning to traffic to adaptively generate security rules and verifies the impact of malicious payloads in real time. Wallarm is ideal for DevOps and security professionals looking for a security solution to protect their modern web applications and APIs from OWASP Top 10 attacks and malicious bots.


Application Security Platform

Powered by AI

Wallarm is an application security platform which combines Active Threat Verification engine and a DevOps friendly NG-WAF. It applies machine learning to traffic to adaptively generate security rules and verifies the impact of malicious payloads in real time. The platform is uniquely suited for the modern application stack and CI/CD pipelines.

The Wallarm solution is integrated on the nuu:bit edge servers, ensuring that cached objects as well as dynamic objects are protected. 


Advantages of using Wallarm on nuu:bit

 Breaches driven by behavioral attacks

  • Credential stuffing – attackers reusing authentication information from the dark web or other sources
  • Brute force and drip brute force attacks – bots guessing passwords and timing the attacks so that the packet level DDoS system is unable to detect it
  • Scraping – bots scraping special offers and coupon information which would increase your cost of sale

zero-day exploits.  Wallarm is able to detect these because of our ability to profile the application understand attacks in the context of expected application behavior.

Wallarm detects application-specific vulnerabilities.  Wallarm platform includes active attack sandboxing, which allows us to detect application-specific vulnerabilities.  This functionality allows our customers to address critical vulnerabilities before they become breaches or data disclosures. 

Wallarm pays for itself in avoiding manual security management.  

  • Legacy WAF offerings are based on the regular expressions security rules, boasting some 16 thousand rules in its rules engine.  Every time the rule set updates, you can be expected to need to verify which rules are applicable (or not) to your business, ensure there are no conflicts with the custom rules you have previously defined or loops. This activity would take 1-2 hours every week.
  • RegEx based security rules yield high amount of false positives.  In fact, most customers using WAF of this type put it in monitoring mode, to avoid blocking legitimate transactions and losing revenue. This results in having to review the WAF logs on the daily basis, just to identify if you are subject to OWASP Top 10 risks this week.  

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